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My name is Elien (Ma Prem Leena) and I wish to share my love for tantra with you. Before really getting into tantra, I was practicing and teaching a lot of yoga. And although I still love yoga too, it never really felt like a ‘complete’ practice to me.


When I decided to dive into the world of tantra, I understood what I had been missing. Tantra doesn’t exclude any part of me, tantra includes all of me. Suddenly ALL of me was welcome. My anger, my sadness, my playfulness, my animal side, my fears, my joy, my busy mind, my sensuality, my sexuality - everything.


Before I was fighting with a lot of these aspects of myself. Fighting with everything that isn’t me in my essence, fighting with my humanness. I thought that was the way to enlightenment.


I discovered the opposite is true. The key is not fighting - it is fully embracing and living all aspects of myself, but with awareness! Consciously.


[Remember: Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.]


By doing this, I started experiencing more freedom, more aliveness and more love -for myself, for others and for life- than ever. I started having experiences I didn’t even know were possible for a ‘simple human being’ like myself ;-)


By consciously living all of me, I’ve gotten to the deepest spiritual experiences.


Our body and our whole being is hardwired for bliss! Trust me. Or even beter: find out for yourself!


Tantra consists of active meditations, silent meditations, expressing emotions, massages, dancing, raising our sexual energy (kundalini energy) and so on.


I am offering different sorts of tantric workshops and courses, mainly in Groningen - Netherlands. There’s lots of great stuff coming up for 2019, so stay tuned!


Tantra is the natural way; the loose and the natural is the goal. You need not fight with the current; simply move with it, float with it. The river is going to the sea, so why fight? Move with the river, become one with the river: surrender.” (Osho)


new website soon!


Hi, my name is Elien Herwig and I am a certified Tantra Teacher. Follow me on FB or Instagram untill the website launches.








* 8 week Tantra course @ Groningen   (spring 2019)


* Tantra evening workshops


* Book a Tantra massage or Singing bowl massage

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